Coral pink & the Gigi

H&M sunnies, GAP jacket, bebe dress, Banana Republic belt, vintage Coach bag 

Silver leaf cuff bracelet & pink flower cocktail ring

Coral Sam Edelman "Gigi" sandal

Today I....

1. got some bad news,
2. so I looked for the good.
3. But I couldn't find it, so Cj found it for me.
4. cried a little, but laughed a bit more,
5. especially after a trip to the Canta-loop fro-yo shop
6. which happens to be giving out free boba tomorrow- YES.
7. Thought about what a good life it is after all
8. and that I have only myself and my love to look after
9. but that someday I will have others to care for
10. and someday soon I'm going to have to make these dreams come true.

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