Beauty Babe's Budget

We were en route to Trader Joe's for a quick fridge re-stock {a very SMALL restock mind you, we are only in the beginning stages of shrinking our tummies and weight back down post-cruise) and being that I'm in the midst of transitioning my career focus from television production to photography and online media writing, and Cj into full time acting, the extravagance in our lifestyle is temporarily on hold. I immediately realized that though it's bruising going from unlimited stockpiles of designer products, just because I'm in a transitional stage does not mean that I've had to give up my beauty regime entirely. Sure, I'm no longer purchasing designer creams and make up on whims (favorites included Lancome, MAC, Chanel, Urban Decay) but I still look and feel pretty amazing every morning. And I've concluded that it's due to, obviously, less mess on my skin. I can't tell you how often people come up to me and ask permission to examine my skin. They always ask me what I use and how often. My answers always included Lancome Renergie cream ($80), Lancome Definicials mascara ($25) and Le Stylo eyeliner ($26), all which usually had to be replaced on a monthly basis since I wore them religiously (twice a day on nights out on the town- make up looks best fresh!).

SO- beauty on a budget is now my personalized notion, both out of necessity and because I really do love a bargain product if it can give me better results- who wants to pay more for potato/po-TA-to??

Essentials Budget: $50

Avon Anew Reversalist Day cream w/ SPF ($30)

First things first: a fantastic moisturizer is key to reducing shine, flaky skin, and sun damage. Replacing Lancome with Avon cream was the best move ever. My grandmother has been loyal to Avon since her 20's, as has my mother, and their skin is flawlessly soft with minimal wrinkles. I thought it was genetics but now remembering those nights of grandma slathering generous amounts of Avon, it is proving otherwise. Everyone is different so try samples before buying. Cheryl (Cj's mom) picked this one for me and I absolutely love it. At $30 a jar, it's a steal. Moving on. 

Clinique High Impact mascara
Though I do not have hypo-allergenic skin, my eyes are extremely sensitive. Clinique's entire product line is designed for people seeking fragrance free and low-chemical induced products. At $14.50 a tube, it beats a designer brand in price and health and makes my eyes pop

Softlips w/ SPF in any flavor
This is my ultimate, end all be all, of lip care. It goes on silky, contains SPF, and always smells incredibly delicious. It can always be found in the medicine section of a drugstore or Target and almost always sells in 2-packs (2 for the price of 1!) for about $4. Although lipstick, especially red, will always be glamorous and sensual, I find that I get more kisses with a barely-there lip. No one likes messy residue!

The essentials: a fabulous face cream, a reliable mascara, and a silky lim balm.. all for under $50. These are the backbone of a clean, modestly priced, beauty regime. Everything else is icing.



  1. Yay for Trader Joes and I've been wondering about that Avon cream...good to know. Is it a really heavy moisturizer though? Does it make you greasy at all?

  2. Knockedupfabulous- some of the Avon products are for the more "mature" age group and tend to be a bit on the heavier side. But I'm a stickler for moisturizers than don't give me shine and the Reversalist Day does just that! I find I like it a lot better than Kiehl's Ultra Moisturizer (which I now use at night since it's heavier, $25 at Nordstroms!)

  3. And no grease! It soaks into your skin immediately!

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