Afterparty for 1

Adam silk shirt dress, vintage jewelry and butterfly belt, rainbow snake pattern stilettos

Another Adam piece via Outnet purchased several months ago. Bubble gum pink and airy, this shirt dress is a spring staple. It runs a tad large on my frame, but nothing that can't be fixed with a great belt, which I found at the Rose Bowl flea market for $10. It is gloriously heavy, always a good sign of quality. My hand looks a little defunct in the photo, I must remember to do my hand stretches prior to such a complex pose (oh! I kid, I kid). The stilettos were a gift from my boyfriend's mom, and in addition to the rad rainbow and snakeskin pattern combo, they are surprisingly comfortable for being so tall and strappy (thanks Cheryl!). Crystal wine goblet I have had forever and a copper entombed Beau Joie Rose, my new favorite champagne introduced to me by a sweet, sweet friend and girl of The Edison in downtown LA. Cheers to a spring of joyous evenings!


  1. i love your silky pink dress! amazing shoes!


  2. thats a sweet looking amp

  3. I love everything about this outfit and the photographs! Perfect lighting. I really like the dress and I feel it goes well with your skin tone. I recently bought a similar pink silk piece that I'm loving to wear with sky high Kors chunky heels. The vintage finds are absolute treasures! I never get as lucky on thrift store hunts.

    The Pink Monocle

  4. Thank you Pink Monocie! Making a trip to your blog ;)