In Texas, we go big or go home

We got to play hosts for a week when my folks traveled to the west coast (yes, brisket and sausage in tow!) for a mini vacation last week. The gastrointestinal party I had begun the week before continued as presumed with their arrival, it was really just a treat to wake up and have them in our home. We did our best to cover all of our favorite restaurants and cafes but the stomach only stretches so far..

Umami Burger, a Los Angeles burger staple, was a no-brainer.

They had nothing but great things to say about this Singaporean brewsky

Sparkling wine goes quite well with warm sunshine 

Satisfying, mouth-watering, and decadent in every way possible. 
Any guesses as from where this famed After School Special hails?

In the Castillo family, breakfast for dinner is a normalcy.
Cj was filming a short the week of our stay-cation so the three of us went out for a late brunch at Le Petit Four on west Sunset Boulevard. 

Mom's amazing Crab Cakes

Sirloin burger for Dad
I devoured mine too soon I think to photograph. I had a raw ahi tuna salad in case you were wondering. Dad was not too keen on the presence of raw fish and immediately tucked into his plate.

Cj wrapped the following day so we did dessert at Sweet Lady Janes (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR BDAY CAKES!)

a classic French press will be my next kitchen addition

Dessert was out of this world! Of course, that morning we had our tummies filled by none other than....





Thanks for the great weekend ya'll, WE LOVE YOU!


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