food truck night on melrose

tonight, we dined with friends on the streets at Melrose Night with hundreds of fellow diners, all in search of that one brilliant combination of gastrointestinal pleasure.

We found it every where we turned.

best truck on the block

diners patiently waiting

kev all smiles

"get ya grilled cheeeeses!"

I had "the special": mac n cheese w/ bbq pulled pork grilled cheese

Roberto's sweet potato fries courtesy of the Frysmith truck!

Frysmith, specializing in fry toppings

cj: s'more melt (mallow/graham cracker/nutella) & kev: double cheddar grilled

bon apetite!

Sweet E's red velvet mini cupcakes. Sprinkles has some serious competition.

the king of all ice cream sandwiches, COOLHAUS

the "cj": red velvet ice cream and double red velvet cookies

double chocolate w/ sea salt cookies on vanilla bean cream. And yes, I AM eating the wrapper and OF COURSE, it IS edible.

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Also, my apologies for my 2 week hiatus! I booked a 2 week pilot that just ended on Monday evening so all of my time was dedicated to not losing my head. Since we are entertaining out of town guests next week (parents week! yay!), I've been on an otherwise dedicated path to eating right and working out twice a day. The next 6 days I'm hitting it hard!

goodnight los angeles, you are a blooming flower in the mud.

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