sunny days aren't hard to come by anymore..

car bath time

twinkling sunshine

fresh oranges every morning...

this is elliot...
elliot and I had lunch at Umami Burger on sunset blvd today!
testing a friend's iTouch

design inspiration
what goes around, comes around
my favorite kind of shopping...

lovely vintages


Elliot's new friend

our waiter had no other tattoos. just this, and his WWJD bracelet

jennifer, elliot's pet
i wish i could look this fabulous in cropped locks
beautiful lighting in vintage store #2

rose draped interiors
and a floor of roses...
floating racks
and a scissor cropped vendor counter

I love this sweater by Urban Outfitters. Would go perfectly with my joie leather shorts!
i had the SBTB game when I was a little girl.. wonder what happened to it?
old school playground fountains...
fountain and the ivy

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