Orange Scones

are. simply. amazing. Woke up this morning to rain in Los Angeles and knew what had to be done. So I threw on a raincoat, hauled out a ladder, and picked fresh oranges from the tree outside our door.

Hair drenched and slightly chilled to the bone, these scones made it totally worth it.

Mrs. Summer Harms has the most excellent baking recipes online. She gathers them from her family, and some she borrows from others with her panache for baking. Orange scones recipe here.

I can't believe how deliciously crumbly and decadent they are. Cj's really missing out on these. I also found on her site a recipe for homemade samoas. Yep, the girlscout cookie in all her glory. I've also got banana bread muffins to make next on my list so I think I'll save the cookie recipe for another rainy day. Luckily, according to the weather forecast, we're in for them this whole week.

Happy Hump Day!

xo adria

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