Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Saturday morning with sunshine and a brisk chill in the air called for these to be made asap!

I pretty much borrowed the recipe from Summer Harms (again, I know but her stuff is so good!) and added at Cj's instance a bag of chocolate chips. I baked them for half the time (30 min vs. 1 hr), used whole wheat flour only (trying to cut back on enriched flour, I've discovered I eat way too much of it) and used leftover Valentine paper cups. If you're using Teflon I'd skip the cups but they do make it easier to grab and dash. Head over here for the recipe!

It's GORGEOUS in Los Angeles today. I highly suggest that you bake these immediately, pour a hot thermos of tea (my favorite tumbler is Teavana's), and head out to the morning sales and photograph it all.

Saturdays rock my socks off.

xo adria

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