Inspirational looks

while browsing through the newly engineered boutiques.com site, I stumbled upon a fashion blogger that I've seen before in some of BryanBoy's postings. Blogger name: Fashion Toast. And I am quite taken by her!

both photos by fashiontoast
Thinking I will begin tomorrow morning with some hot tea and a stop at H&M. I've GOT to see what the Lanvin fuss is all about. 

I've been up too long, it's past my bedtime. But before I go, a briefing on what I did today:

-painted the bottom cabinets and towel drawer
-washed one load of laundry
-went to the store
-watched FANTASTIC MR. FOX, which I very much enjoyed
-read up on the latest Hollywood gossip via my mom and tmz
-talked to my parents :)
-baked cookies for my boyfriend. After 3 unsuccessful batches and a phone call to mom, batch #4 was acceptable.
-worked out to Insanity
-reorganized my new kitchen
-laughed a lot

Tomorrow I will:
-get a latte
-work out TWICE
-go to H&M to browse
-give thanks to the gods for another beautiful day
-make my bf his oatmeal he loves so much
-work on the new story I started writing with CJ
-mail my EDD form
-wear an outfit with tights

goodnight, sweet dreams and pretty things <3

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