Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a week from today and here's what I'm thinking of:

how festive the scent of cloves and spice hanging in the air is in the bedroom as I type in bed.
how wonderful my boyfriend is, I hope we are together for a lifetime.
what a nice treat it was to watch a bit of "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"!
the kinds of cookies I'm going to bake in my new kitchen, once it's complete :)
how even though we don't have a lot, my our little 2 person family is very rich.
that I am grateful for the nice EDD man who spoke to CJ on the phone today.
that I should continue to work on my temper daily, it improves only with practice.
I am happy we discovered a new little treat, the Insomnia Cafe, that has the yummiest lattes in L.A. and it's a short walk from our apartment.
how much I truly love fashion and I'm excited about learning more about the history of famous designers.
that I really do find great pleasure in writing. Sometimes it just pours out and I can't stop my fingers.
that I can see and feel my waist shrinking from my new workouts and I must do it again tomorrow morning.
someday I will learn to sew and maybe own a sewing machine. 
we have a "game night date" with our friend and his new girlfriend. The boys I think are excited for me to have a new girl to hang out with- me too!
how much I adore all things in shades of chili pepper red: nail polish, lipstick, paint on the walls but I own only one red piece of clothing.
I will do my best to wear outfits that have tights involved since I got a great deal on several at Marshall's with the gift cards my daddy sent me. CJ also got some new boxers and slippers!
we will be living in our apartment for a very long time, probably until we make our "money" and buy a condo.
that even though I love our apartment, I am a little sad because we are not permitted pets...
some day I will own a basic brown leather Prada bag and CJ will own the duffel version!
we will also upgrade our cars when we make it big: Audi for me and a motorcycle for CJ.
some day our dreams will come true and we are still figuring out how to get there. In the mean time, I will continue writing and CJ will play his music.
I really need to start working again... hopefully one more job will come about before the holidays.
being poor isn't so bad. I'm losing weight at least and I haven't really even used my gym much. Which makes me think I should freeze my account until February. I think I'll do that tomorrow...
I should go to the library this weekend and pick out some inspirational reads. I read "The Lovely Bones" and while it was beautifully written, I felt like crying each night and CJ was so sweet to let me use his t-shirt.
I love my boyfriend and my family very, very much. 
I am the luckiest girl/lady/woman in the world.
God has blessed me, and while others are in more need than I will ever be, please God do not take anything we have away. 
my boyfriend is patiently waiting for me to finish blogging so he can "tuck" me in bed. Yes, we do that in our little household. We also make breakfast for each other and make sure the other has brushed and flossed their teeth. With that, I will say goodnight, and happy holidays <3

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