The Viper Room

In the late 90's, The Viper Room was an icon of rock-n-roll stardom and Los Angeles youth. It was once owned by Johnny Depp, and it is the infamous club that took the life of River Phoenix.

We took our Seattle guest, Ryan aka "Turkey" (I forgot already why Ryan was pegged with this name during high school) to the Sunset Strip Monday night for some Dead Sara.

After the Viper Room, which included unexpected music guest Alicia Witt*, we went across the street to the Whisky, another famous music venue, to snap some quick pics.

With all of it's traffic, broken dreams, and never ending career disappointments, Los Angeles is truly the city of guts and glory.

*I was pretty impressed with her musical abilities since so many actresses nowadays try to cross-jump over the entertainment genres. The guys were FURIOUS with me when we got in the car and I mentioned that she was the girl from Twin Peaks. They missed their chance to chat with a hot star. Um, what about me!?

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