LAFW: ashlee brooks

Never have I been so pleasantly surprised than I was by Ashlee Brooks collection last night at the Sunset Gower Studios. Each design is heavily influenced by the feminine physique and meant to lure and seduce without being over the top. I genuinely loved each piece!! I have never been so excited about a LBD (Little Black Dress) until now, how the combination of an A-line cut, a short hem, and a high neckline are just so incredibly sexy. Gorgeous backside exposure on almost each ensemble, along with the trending peplum edging at the bottom of the jackets. The 60's inspired black shift layered over a mauve blouse is absolutely London and appears cape-like from the back. Lots of sheers and movement in this collection, and I must get my hands on a pair of those draping trousers... I love the way it looks with the double strap belt. Of course, the navy coat buttoned all the way up is another Brit inspiration and I must have that as well!
The fabulous finale was the leather bustier chocolate-themed gown with a low back. Angelina Jolie would be sporting this had she seen it- total leg exposure happening here and I love it. Since I've never been much of an exposed decollage kind of girl, preferring rather to wear a short skirt, this collection hit the nail on the head for me. 


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